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Tablet vs laptop – what is better for business

The variety of modern electronic devices is sometimes simply amazing. For a long time, tablets appeared in the world that took over all the positive qualities of laptops and vice versa. So how do you know what’s best for running your business? In this article, we will compare the specifications of both devices to figure it out.

Tablet vs Laptop: functionality

A laptop – as a more convenient version of a computer, has a set of all the necessary functions, and a tablet, in turn, was created to perform the most primitive actions wherever you are. It is great for watching movies or TV shows / surfing the Internet and social networks, listening to music, and so on. The list does not end there, because the tablet can also be used for amateur video filming and photography, and also as a mobile phone, since there are SIM card slots there. Most tablets have GPS functionality so they can determine their location and get directions to their destination. 

As we can see the tablet’s functions cover many modern human needs and can satisfy them, but if we are talking about business then it is better to use something more reliable, and the tablet can be a great addition.

To connect to the Internet, for example, both a tablet and a laptop, the same conditions are needed – a Wi-Fi or 3G HMB access point, but not all tablets support it.

And if we talk about the battery, the tablets last several hours of frequent use. Laptops at this time work from the mains, although battery operation is also possible, in this case, its battery will also last about 3-4 hours.

Ease of use

The standard screen and keyboard of the laptop fully satisfy all the needs of the user and allows you to work on it with comfort, the tablet does not have a physical keyboard, since it is located on the touch screen, which is not very convenient for eternal typing.

To install any program on the tablet, you only need to contact the Play Store, some of them may be paid. On a laptop, in turn, all the same, programs work as on a computer, and in addition to everything, it is convenient to connect a USB flash drive to it. The tablet does not have such an opportunity, but on some models, you can add a memory card, which makes it extremely convenient and portable in transport and on the road.

2 in 1: the benefits of both devices

There is no definite winner in the battle tablet vs laptop because the only question is in what area you will use them. If it’s still hard for you to choose, then there is a 2-in-1 solution for you. The transforming device can be used both in the form of a tablet and in the form of a laptop.

TOP 5 courses to become a data analyst

Data is the invisible force that affects businesses of all sizes and activities. Therefore, 80% of organizations around the world use this very data for their purposes. Data analysts can help business leaders make decisions to improve their performance by researching trends and thinking about solving a problem based on them. If, after reading this, you are still interested in the profession of a data analyst, then in this article we will tell you about the five best courses that will help you master this profession.

Data Analyst with R (DataCamp) Overview

Anyone who has ever thought about how to become a data analyst wanted to go to training courses, but where?

Data Analyst with R DataCamp ranks first on our list of the best data analytics courses as its training program consists of small assignments that will allow you to become a professional in this field, no matter how much time you devote to your studies. It consists of 19 courses, each of which lasts about 4 hours. And at the end of the entire tutorial, you should already be able to process and analyze data using R.

Best Immersive Course: Data Analytics Dive Review

This course is good because it has an individual approach to each student, you can make your schedule, mentoring and you can be sure of the support from the instructors at any time of the day. This is a crash course that also has some of the most expensive tuition fees. Nevertheless, in just four months, you can acquire the knowledge you need to get a job as a data analyst with it.

The program does not teach you through lectures or seminars, but is a text and therefore may not be suitable for visuals who better assimilate information through videos. 

Data Analyst Nanodegree Review

This program is intended for those who have programming skills and knowledge of Python or SQL. All material will be posted in videos and small quizzes where you can communicate with other participants. 

The program consists of four stages that you will have to complete in four months. And for those who know programming languages, the course will teach you how to tell the story of data with their help.

Data Science Specialization Review

The Data Science Specialization is a 10-course program on the Curser platform that will help you master the basic concepts of data analytics.

 This course is available to everyone, however, it is preferable that the students already know the python language and know a thing or two about the concept of regression. Your learned data is checked with quizzes and the entire course can be completed in 11 months.

Business Intelligence Specialization Review

This course consists of 5 stages during which you will be taught to work with big data. The teaching principle is the same as for most courses, lectures, quizzes, and discussions in forums. At the end of the training, you will have to submit your project. The training will take about 6 months if you devote 3 hours a day to these classes.